Decades of Deceit

Decades of Deceit

This DVD describes our understanding of and reaction to what we know about the OCCK investigation. We obviously do not have access to what investigators have (or should have). This thing is very complex and convoluted and many issues are not addressed because then it would be a 12-hour DVD. It is light on editing because that adds substantially to the cost. It is what is it.

12 Comments on “Decades of Deceit”

  1. cathybroad says:

    Especially with sensationalistic headlines like that.

  2. cathybroad says:

    With video:

    Trust me, you should watch this video if you are at all interested in how this case was never solved. If you can’t afford the requested $20, payable to the Tim King Fund (which was established in April 1977 after a huge and unexpected monetary response to my brother’s murder) comment here and note “PLEASE DO NOT POST” and I will get you a copy of the DVD.

  3. Hi Cathy, I apologize if its already posted someplace, but I would like to order the DVD and make a donation. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

  4. Dale Droski says:

    This case has been perplexing to me since it all happened back when I was a teenager. My prayers and respect to all concerned. My check is in the mail for a copy of the dvd.

  5. i saw that stebbins kid being abducted but at the time i didn’t know he was being abducted and i tell you it was the gunnels and busch that took him i saw the kid being dragged by those two men when i was on my way to farmer jacks

  6. Becky says:

    Is this video still available?

  7. Paul Jolliffe says:

    Is Susan Scheuermann for real? She “that stebbins kid” being dragged by two men, a kid who turned up dead a few days later, and now she’s saying something?
    Really, Susan?

    Why didn’t you say anything in 1976?

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